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Token registration for general university courses (OGUNs)

Students and doctoral students register for general university courses online, using the UL service of the USOS system, by means of token-type registration. This means that in order to register for general university courses, OG-type tokens are required.

Registration for general university courses happens in two rounds, the first round being a dedicated round. This means that some of the general university courses are offered only to specific degree programs or study programs. In that case, only students/doctoral students of the specified programs can register for the course. During the second round of registration there is no dedication, the students/doctoral students can register for all available courses.

Tokens are assigned to students and doctoral students during the matriculation process by the staff members of university units.

A student receives 300 OG-type tokens, while a doctoral student receives 120 OG-type tokens. One token corresponds to one hour of class.

In the case that a student does not have enough OG-type tokens to fulfill the obligations resulting from their study program, they should submit an application to the head of the teching unit (HTU) requesting that their token limit be increased. In such a case, additional tokens are assigned free of charge.

Registration for general university courses is carried out through the USOSul system.

Registration link: https://rejestracja.usos.uw.edu.pl/index.php?item=0

Registrations for general university courses happen in two rounds (for each semester of the academic year) and are divided into three categories of subjects: Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences. Registrations for each category begin with a couple of days’ interval. This division is meant to facilitate the choice of a subject from the field of science most suitable for the student/doctoral student. In the summer semester of the 2020/21 academic year a pilot round of registrations for general university courses which take place during the holiday period was introduced.

The registration schedule is available on the website: https://rejestracja.usos.uw.edu.pl/index.php?item=2&lang=en

During the registration period (i.e. during the first and second round of registration corresponding to a specific semester of the academic year) students can unregister from general university courses without any consequences.

After the registration period (the first and second round corresponding to a specific semester of the academic year) has ended, students have the right to resign from attending a course and to resign from obtaining credit for a course on the terms set out in § 32 sec. 2 and 3 of Rules of Study at the University of Warsaw.

  • 32 of Rules of Study at the University of Warsaw
  1. The student shall have a right to resign from attending a course if its dates, the person running the classes or principles for getting credits have been changed, within 14 days of such a change. The student shall notify the HTU of his/her resignation within the same time frame.
  2. Regardless of sec. 2, the student shall have a right to resign from obtaining credit for a course before the date indicated in the organization of the academic year as the course credit resignation deadline for a given semester. This right may be exercised once during first and second cycle studies. The student of long second-cycle studies shall be entitled to exercise this right two times.